Current Projects

Look here to find information on current projects happening in our community to enhance your water service. 

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Projects Completed

The Pressure Tanks at Plant #10, Plant #4 and Plant #2 have been replaced.  Maintenance on Plant #17 of which entailed sandblasting and painting the inside of the tank has been done. The meter changes have been completed, and the New Elevated Storage Tank on Red Maple has been erected and bids are in the process to get the Chlorination Building, Yard Piping, Electrical Work and Fencing done.  Plant #20 is undergoing maintenance and will soon be completed.

This has been a busy year, with more to come.......

Meter Change-Outs

If you notice a Pritchett WSC Field Technician in your area, it's possible they may be changing out the Transponders on your's or your neighbor's meter.  We have been and are currently updating meters at approximately 48/50 per month.  This is the readable part of the meter that allows us to read the meters electronically.  The meters must be changed out periodically.

New Test Well

In the very near future, we will drill a Test Well on Red Maple Rd.  If the results are positive, we will be constructing an overhead storage tank and put a new well online that will better serve the members in the area. 


We are still working on the STEP Grant in the areas of White Oak, Locust and Pear Roads.  Soon, we will continue with a 6" water main proceeding down Pin Oak Rd. and tying into Scrub Pine....When this line is installed, this will complete the STEP Grant.

Nutmeg Upgrade

The 6" water main upgrade on Nutmeg is completed.

STEP Grant

Material Bids for the STEP Grant were awarded to Ferguson Waterworks by the board, May 19, 2015 with construction to begin around August 1, 2015.

The STEP Grant consist of replacing aged, deteriorating undersized water lines with new 6" water mains in the areas of: White Oak-from Pear Rd. to Northwest Almond Rd., Cherry Rd.-from White Oak to Hwy 80 and Hickory-from White Oak to Hwy 80.

Please be mindful of these areas when construction is under way.

October 2015.....the STEP Grant is now underway!!!

Pritchett Water Supply Corporation Launches a New Website!

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